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Andrew Kennedy

Owner, Cinematographer, Producer

For the past 10 years Andrew has served as a cinematographer, editor, and producer for various agencies, developing customer testimonials, product explainers, and branding collateral.


It all started when he shot his first mini doc for the Maya Angelou Health Equity Center during his studies at UNC.


After working in LA on several short films and commercials for a year, Andrew was recruited by a boutique production company on the east coast as their  Director of Photography.



During his tenure he traveled much of Europe and Asia producing video content for Fortune 500 clients with his producer now business partner Bob Langford.


This position led to all sorts of adventures: from sneaking a film crew onto the Great Wall of China to finding themselves locked behind bars in Western Germany, then escaping by scaling a 14-foot wrought iron fence. One time, Andrew ate a raw slab of beef in Bangkok (not intentionally) and survived. Barely. It’s a good story.


In 2016, Andrew was approached by Freedom Firm, a nonprofit that rescues minors from sex trafficking in India, to produce video content for their fundraising campaign.

This is the inspiration that eventually led to the start of his own production company,  Light Work Productions in late 2018.

​A follower of Brené Brown's research on vulnerability, Andrew believes in the power that story has to create interpersonal and systematic change within our culture, leading to healthier families, communities, workplaces and yes, even a better world. 


Story creates space for empathy, empathy in-turn drives connection, which leads to understanding - one the greatest change agents we can harness.

Bob Langford

Writer - Producer 

If it involves telling stories, Bob has done it. He stared telling stories at The Raleigh News & Observer. Then, he moved to broadcast where he told stories on Raleigh’s CBS affiliate, WRAL-TV.


He hosted his own radio show, called, what else, “The Bob Langford Show.”Bob gets to use all those skills when telling stories on video.


He has produced, directed or written more than 30 hours of primetime television, including “Hospital” and “21st Century Medicine” for The Discovery Channel. He wrote the series “IndyCar Racer” for the National Geographic Channel.


Bob produced and wrote the award-winning “The Glass Slipper Still Fits: The Story of the Cardiac Pack.” The hour-long documentary on N.C. State’s 1983 national championship actually aired on two networks at the same time and sold thousands of copies.


We’re not afraid to hit the road, to put it mildly. Bob has also produced commercial and corporate videos in 38 states and 17 countries for a number of Fortune 500 clients. His work has won numerous awards along the way.


Teaming with Andrew Kennedy, he produced and wrote “Prove It to Me,” a native-advertising video that was the centerpiece of a year-long campaign.


The theatrically released film followed five growers through an entire growing season, from planting to harvest. The campaign was nominated for the international Agrow Award.


Now, by calling Light Work Productions, Bob can tell your story.

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